Sunday, 30 March 2014

► YADA!! english lyrics


Moombahton, Ocelot, Rin Ginsuke
Album Melancholia (click)
translated by YupTanya
there may be mistakes!
I don't like anything in this world
I don't understand why I was born
Nothing is going well
I would rather die
I know nothing, delusion
Tilt our head, runaway

Opening that repeats wirelessly
Opening that stores parts of memories
This preference hurts my body
I'm doing my best to return to be a child
Does it mean that someone's been rewarded?
Or will I be rewarded?

Enough, I don't want it
Enough, I don't want to think anymore
Enough, I don't want it
I want to run away, but I have to do my best

Enough, I don't want it
Enough, I will just do it tomorrow
Enough, I don't want it, enough
I don't want to think about anything!

YADA YADA YADA! Amazing song, I couldn't decide which version I like better so I put here both of them :3 Please listen, this needs more attention and the producent is awesome! xD I don't have the kanji so there may be some mistakes (of course), so I'm sorry, but I totally had to translate this awesome song xD! "YADA" means Stop it, No, I don't want to do it, I don't like it, etc. Here's just some kanji I tried to create.


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