Saturday, 5 April 2014

► Suicide song (english translation) Jisatsu no uta 自殺のうた

Suicide song
Jisatsu no uta
しゃむ , 初音ミク
Hatsune Miku
translation by YupTanya

Please don't listen and read it if you're in depression ^^
Author: Earnestly, it's not like I wanted to commit a suicide!

Haa... I want to die...
Want to hang myself and die...
Say goodbye to the cruel world
I'm sure I'll be happy then

Aaa... Let's die...
In what place should I die...?

I won't be then a nuisance for anyone
Tears had fallen down

The things you expect are painful
No, it's not like that
I just can't accept myself and that's what
I can't forgive me

Aaa... Why...
Why am I alive...?
Only one thing is fun to me
But it can't be found even if I try

Aaa... I hate it...
I hate everything
I'm fine with not being understood
Because I'm always alone

"Want to being loved" and "want to love"
I don't think about this
I hate myself and that's why
I'm very sad

I wonder if dying hurts...
I wonder if I can die beautifully...

God, please
Help me somehow...

I want to like myself
Even though it's not easy

At any cost, I want to
Dispel this fog from my heart

The truth is I don't want to die
I just want to run away

But still, I just can't stop thinking
about dying...

Haa... let's go to sleep already

I just wanted to translate this song myself too because I liked it ^^ Don't read it if you're sad please O.O Though, it makes me happy because it's too serious and true. It's not like you want to die, you just want to run away - so true :3

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