Wednesday, 7 May 2014

► ♪BEAT LOVE♪ english lyrics


Suite Pretty Cure♪ Vocal Album 2 ~Kokoro wo Hitotsu ni~
Siren/Ellen Kurokawa, Toyoguchi Megumi
Futari wa pretty cure (precure)

Having no place to go is surely sad
You can tell from my talk that I don't have much confidence
Even if you hide your feelings, it's not good for your heart
Shall I try and be honest with my heart, I wonder?

Even if the noise catches me up
I have to go the way I believe, with a strong heart

Let's go
Beat love, Because I want to protect you
Beat love, Because we're connected
I want to grab my future self
Beat love, we'll love each other
Beat love, we'll help each other
The beat of hope is echoing today too

Now's the time to start anew
I'll stop lying about my feelings soon
The way to become happy is in every human
Having something for trying hard is important, everyone knows it

There are times I get discouraged, but
I won't give up, I will transform this thought by force

Let's go
Beat love, you can believe it
Beat love, I can find it!
I'll grasp important things
That's true!
Beat love, it's unstoppable
Beat love, I won't give up
Let's play together, the beat of hope

Being lonely is sad so I mustered my strenght
I have to go the way I believe, with a strong heart

Let's go
Beat love, because I don't want to hesistate
Beat love, because I'm not afraid anymore
Thank you for being by my side
That's right!
Beat love, I'm doing my best
Beat love, with the powers
Sound forever, beat of hope!

Hey, I like this song! here you are the lyrics~

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