Thursday, 20 February 2014

► Erediinu ST 85 jou エレディーヌST85錠 English lyrics

ErednuST 85 tablets
(Erediinu ST 85 jou)*
by カオスP (ChaosP / KaosuP)
feat 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
PV art by natsu
translated by YupTanya

Those strong feelings
were embraced for the first time
I'll kill you, shit, damn it
The atmosphere really can't be read

A paranormal phenomenon has occured
Looks like the 'Seven' wonders is not enough
Shoes and notes are flying to the sky
They are entering the toilet bowl

Was I the infected one?
Was that fool the infected one?
Was he the infected one?
There wasn't anything from the beginning, right?

But at times I want to cry
I want to remember
How you were gently stroking my cheek
So I look in the house for plushy things
Or I write in a diary or something (so quick!)

I forgot it, the memory and feeling
I play it in casual things
It's gone, that time and place
Now too, it keeps hurting me

Ripping a duvet
The feathers feel good on cheeks
A cat is maybe in the garden
When I tried it, it was subtle

Closing a dog from the behind
It looks like it aims a tail
Wait, wait, my hair
It's worse than you think

It's drooling too much
Let's calm down with a painting brush
Clearly petting it to calm it down
Rather than excitement

What am I doing?
I have to tell the truth
But I just can't say it

Calm down meaningfully

I've just remembered, the words and their meaning
That frozen smile, even I had it
I said something, stop it, forget it
Who said? There's no way I say it

One day I found a file
An extension called 'Memory'
Let's give a try opening it
What's- ah...

It's a virus, belt up, belt up
Belt up, belt up, belt up
I'm sorry, belt-sorry, be-sorry
Belt up, belt up

I've heard something about 'Tsundere'
I was strong, but everything is revealed
I can't be honest, in a story
I want to forget, it's unforgettable

I'm a 85 years old housewife
In old stories I had fun talking
My husband has the same face as before
Comforting me, so kind

There was and accident, he was spitting blood
I can't even say what the doctor said
I'll show you the pride of a tsundere
I appreciated it, I was happy

*The title: erediinu ST → ereDnu ST → erednust → tsundere. (search for it on google!) It's a sad story about 85 year old (tsundere) grandmother remembering the past, I think so. Love this song. (Tags: eledine st 85)

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