Thursday, 20 February 2014

► Sekaikei shoujo wa mahoutsukai to koi o suru セカイ系少女は魔法使いと恋をする English lyrics

World series girl falls in love with a magician
(Sekaikei shoujo wa mahoutsukai to koi o suru)
by セカイ系P sekaikeiP
feat 初音ミク・歌愛ユキ Hatsune miku, Kaai Yuki 
(translated by YupTanya)

You were laughing like always
Making a face like it can't be helped
I hate the world itself
I have to keep on protecting you

I've heard a crying, such a lonely sound
In a place where your bones are
I'm lying, an ideal lie
In your face a firefly has bloomed

Looking for the right answer in squalor
A stupidity carved into morality

I'm somehow a magician
And about your disease,
I'll heal you immediately.
Look! 'Kuturu kuturu shutoripa!!!'

Something like magic or supernatural abilites should not be used
But in my brain I can still hear you crying
If I don't do it, I won't be a man

I know I don't know much about bodies
But don't say that it's not possible
Don't spit out things like I've forgotten something


You were laughing like always
Immediately warmed up my cold hands
So I was laughing too because you had helped
and pointed my finger up in desperation

I've found the correct answer and in front of me
The voice of a smirking girl could be heard

If, right after we were born,
the passed responsibilities, moralities and doctrines were thrown away
Such great faults wouldn't exist
If we sing in that great world
I'm sure we would laugh and live
I'm sure you'd gladly go there too
The world is already in the hands of adults
Looking for swills, I'm just wandering around

Kuturu kuturu shutoripa...

There's no meaning, though
Kuturu kuturu shutoripa

But even so

I shout
I don't care that I'm a laughing stock
Rather than this, I can't stand that your heart has become rusty
A possibility to save you has occured
Don't say that we're just being deceived
There is a secret spell I can't tell you about

Something like magic or supernatural abilites, I cannot use any
But I love everything about you
It doesn't matter if you're dead

I'd be so happy if we live together
Now you're depressed and blindfolded
Spitting out that you have forgot me


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