Thursday, 20 February 2014

► Sora to bazu ソラトバズ (feat. 鏡音リン)English lyrics

ソラトバズ (Sora to bazu)*
feat. 鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin)
chorus 巡音ルカ (Megurine Luka)
by トラボルタP (travoltaP)
translated by YupTanya

A flightless bird was thinking
'A flying guy' sounds good
He looked at the big sky,
lamenting his flightless body

Ah, why everyone... it's unfair, why only I
was born with those wings?

Things that can fly in the sky, elegantly and high
are one after another passing by me
I'm pretending that I don't mind
and that I'm strong, but

The truth is it's painful...

A flightless bird was thinking
About those complaints
Feeling down, he tilted his neck
and looked at his feet

Ah, so it's like this... only I have those legs
Let's go forward, with those two legs

Passing a field, a mountain
Digging a land
I started to look happier
Step after step

Things flying in the sky, quickly walking things
They're still passing by me

Please go ahead, I don't mind
With my stride, it's all right whether you go
Things that can't fly, go and walk slowly
Let's keep going forward

That's how I decided

*The title: I transtated it as 'Sky and Buzz' but now I think it can be 'Flightless', I'm not sure how to translate it :3
Author's note: 「I CAN'T FRY I CAN WALK」
It's FRY because of Rin-chan! It's not like I mispelled it! ( ・`д・´)
 ω;)。oO(It's a lie...)

// Uwa...! This is so sad ;A;! it's about a flightless bird who suddenly understand that he has legs and can walk instead of flying. It was so touching! I CAN'T FLY BUT I CAN WALK!

// Anyways, when I didn't know the lyrics I was thinking that this should be a national anthem, this sooo sounds like a cool anthem! Who's with ME!?

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