Saturday, 8 March 2014

► 12月32日 β (32nd December Beta) english translation

12月32日 β
(32nd December Beta)
feat Hatsune Miku 初音ミク 
translated by YupTanya

In the TV I forgot to turn off, they say they want to erase the power
I can't find the remote control, I've lost it this afternoon

They lied that yesterday it would snow, I somehow feel uncomfortable
Seeking the weather forecast, but in this place, there's no remote control

My body is so cold it hurts
But the Sakura flowers are bloomed a little

A flower falled into my palm, my cloudy field of view splitted up
It disappeared as I noticed it, and in the TV there was projected...

Watching burried informations in the TV's columns
I saw few letters of the "yesterday" and the sunflowers has bloomed, look

A gate of loneliness is locked
When I looked at the sky, the moon was missing

The moon is in my palm, my cloudy field of view is covered
It disappeared as I noticed it, in the TV there was written...

The fallen day from my palm, the cloudy world line
They disappeared as I noticed them, and the petals too...

// KTKT's 24th song. "From 1 year there was a day that doesn't fit. It was surely a mysterious day..."
// 'β' can mean that this is the second song of the series, search for the 12月32日 α too!
// There's a remix called 12月32日 β+, check it out!

// Can't decide which is better, beta or alpha x3! The lyrics sure are scarry..

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