Saturday, 8 March 2014

► Narisumashi Genga なりすましゲンガー english translation

Narisumashi Gengaa
(Scamming Gengar)
Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin
KulfiQ (music), (仮)P (guitar), ゴロー (movie)
translated by YupTanya

I am a Gengar, always like this
Sucking my finger back and forth
Anyway, wherever I go
I'm always just
hidden in someone's shadow

"Old lady, please take this seat"
I was sitting on a chair
"Oh, thank you, it will help a lot"
Look, she's pretending she doesn't see (it), haha
Those recent young people
I heard about them clearly
But what are WE trying to hide?
It's the prime example

I'm scared, I'm scared, in the hearts of other people
I don't exist, exist, exist, I'm not in their eyes too!

I am a Gengar, always like this
I laugh with a finger in my mouth
Going to and fro, what a life!
Because I didn't bask in a daylight many times
I am stepping in a shadow
My favourite lonely phrase
"I'll never be like that person!"
Look, the distance between us is opened again
I can't catch up

I'm alone, nobody is here
I revealed that I'm lonely in the nights too
Thanks to the blooming flower in the lonely corner of the room
I got a courage
I looked into your heart
And I found a forgotten thing
I can't get enought of the emotions and pleasures
What an incomplete existence!

Tomorrow, the sun will ascend too
If I see the boundary of Yin and Yang
I'll only continue on escaping again
What a life!
A scamming Gengar, just like this
Always hidden in your shadow
But I will shine one day
And if I disappear like that, it will be good

*The title can be: Narisumashi Genga, Narisumashi Gengar, Spoofing Genga, Scamming Gengar
*Gengar - a word meaning something very exciting, interesting, entertaining, or will lead to a drunken stupor. Similar to the word clutch or radical.Or Genga - Japanese animation terminology for key animation drawings, literally meaning "original pictures"

// Love Narisumashi gengaa! Rin wants to be like the rock star (in the picture), but she's just always in someone's shadow so she feels useless.

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