Wednesday, 26 March 2014

► Christmas tree wo moyasu クリスマスツリーを燃やす english

Burning down the Christmas tree
Christmas tree wo moyasu クリスマスツリーを燃やす
by Camellia かめりあ, 初音ミク

If you open a window, cold wind will come
Shining lights make the town colourful
Everyone was waiting for this day
So they'll forget about the boring things
But I won't

To the standing tree, I'll do one thing
Dance around the tree and make it orange
Cold Christmas
Round and round untill the morning
The flames are taking it down
Merry Christmas

READ: I don't have the kanji so I translated what I can hear and only a part. I just wanted to know show everyone what's this song about >:D It's Christmas and everyone is happy... only Miku isn't, she's mad and she's burning down the Christmas tree. Such an amazing song, love it ><!

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