Monday, 24 March 2014

► キミが望んだ、すれ違いの幸せ。 UtataP english lyrics

The passing happiness you wanted.
Kimi ga nozonda, surechigai no shiawase.
UtataP (t.komine) うたたP feat.MAYU
album Minna shiawase ni na~re! (みんな幸せにな~れ!)
translated by YupTanya
The blue sky that spreads, the green grass
The two of us were lying down, laughing innocently

We together, anytime, anywhere
Always, always walking together

I feel the sunlight on my cheeks, what a gentle afternoon
Hand in hand with you, slowly the time to go past will come
My favourite landscape, I can hear the genre of music
I like sweet things and here are all the things I like

I was walking in a hope that this moment will last forever
We were still children, couldn't understand it and hoped

The colours of this world had disappeared
The music suddenly stopped
Sweet things were no longer sweet
Where is your hand now?

God had picked up and gone away
Little by little, he went away
Future had been spilled
It was spilled out like sand

I don't hope anymore that this moment will last forever
In this dark, silent place I've unexpectedly heard a beating sound

The colours have stucked to this world
The music began to sound
Sweet things have become sweet
I've gripped your hand

You have given me something
You have answered me with a smile
Now we will be forever together
You said it while leaving, and disappeared.

Another masterpiece from this album. I thought this had finally some nice lyrics, but......... ;w; (xD) I like this song so much x3 !

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