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► Doppelganger Dispute English lyrics ドッペル押し問答

Doppelganger Dispute ドッペル押し問答 (Doppel oshi mondou)
by MinusP マイナスP   Kagamine Rin 鏡音リン (Quarrel with the doppelganger)
album Wan☆opo VOL.7 (Wonderful opportunity) ワン☆オポ!VOL.07
translated by Yuptanya

You, you're that fool! Tell me,
Your friends are all gone, aren't they?
Lost, Friend, Day dreamer
You Medalist of bluffing!

You still act like a child
Seriously, you have disappointed me
Because your beloved anime, manga, game, whatever, I know there's a lot of them!
I'm sure I can't be mistaken
in the things you like, troubles can be dangerous
But it's not like I want to preach you
Hey, are you listening?

The truth is, I'm your future self
Will you believe it? Will you? Will you? Will you? Will you?

In four days, after the crescent
You'll have a setback for the first time
Drink up that sympathy
Dream about the comfortable malaise

"By location, it's an irony.
Your mouth talks so fluently
Now, you're the fool! Tell me,
The future me is not a big deal too, is it?"

Hmph, so, why did you
come here? Let me hear the reason.
And more importantly, in the future or wherever
It wasn't comfortable there, so you run away, right?

Praise me more gently!
This is not enough, no good, no good
You have the same personality, right?
Understood? Come on, praise me!
...are you listening?

Hey, hey, how do you feel right now? Tell me!
Hey? Hey? Hey? Hey? Hey? Hey? Come on! Ah aaaaaaahh

Right now, I am feeling very good.
You should... know this feeling, right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right?

In 3 hours and 12 seconds
You'll learn what a burning anger is
Look, by the jerking words
I'll be kicked out

By location, the irony is
that you're the one who's shot in the arm
See, I'm the same fool as you
It's the same badger-hole, isn't it?

Shut up, don't you dare to touch me!
What the hell do you want to say?
I don't understand you now
What do you want from me?
You're the one who's a fool
You've lost your friends, am I right?
Lost, Friend, Day dreamer
You just want to be a Machiavellian, right?

"A story about a girl and her future self giving her a hard time."
"The plot of this song contains a dialogue with her future self who wants to change her past"
*This text is what Rin says, other is her future self's :3 The three-coloured lines are just imitating the PV xD
*Machiavellian (マキャベリスト) I don't know how to translate it or what it means, google it yourself. xD

Yayyyy this is a new hit from Wanopo album! Such an amazing song! I just love the sarcasm and the atmosphere  in the whole song xD *points a finger at you* "You're a fool! The future me, you say? Such an uninteresting thing!" something like that xD And it was easy to understand so I'm happy! Yay!


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