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► Ene's Cyber Journey エネの電脳紀行 Kagerou project, Jin

Ene's Cyber Journey
Ene no Dennou Kikou
Kagerou project カゲロウプロジェクト
Mekakucity days メカクシティデイズ
Jin ジン feat IA

I've escaped the world's end
I saw the end
And that makes me special
The smell of formalin
was flooting in the room
Sleeping-like mind and body had been separated
Like a connected cyber-psychologic thread
The me from the terminal of display
is very flashy
When I realized it
I breathed my last

Not like that, not like this, not like that
The instruction from the radio were echoing in the room
   "I want to run away"
 The suffering leads to nowhere, I've opened the door

See, the shadow of the waves floating around the 'E'
The inorganic string of friendly chat
Like sewing the spider's yarn
The fox wearing spreading fires
Going straight to where is the blue compass pointing
Breathing has stopped, breathing has stopped
Spitting out that everything was just a lie
I'm tired for today
Let's just go sleep

Thinking in this world
is stabilized at 110 degrees
The twisted logic says here's an epidemy
Your favourite channel is
recommended by 2 eyes
   "Q: What things do you like?"
   "A: Just simple things, with a taste of human's unhappiness"
   "It's a rubbish"
That's good how it is
   "What's so strange?" you ask
Sending is stale?
Enough, it would be better if I died
Instead if it, I'm floating inside this something
The sensitivity
I'm evidently getting more familiar with it
The urge of getting away has accelerated
I've stopped breathing

Ahh, this is like a dream about Troy
The wooden horse says
   "You don't need a meaning, have fun"
The flames are seeping through the wall thanks to inertia
My greedy electronic journey continues
The blue compass is here today too
Who will be killed? You will be killed?
Round, round, round and round it's rotating

In the sky of 'E'
0 and 1 are flegmatically flowing
A compressed, cought heart
If I take over the bird's lighting
My greedy electronic journey will be over
The blue compass has pointed
To the other side of the display
And I saw you blurry
Enough, I'm tired of this world
Let's wake up
And, how should I put it,
I smiled a little

* The waves floating around the 'E' = internet explorer, the fox wearing spreading fires = mozilla firefox
// I've translated this, because the translation I saw was way too wrong O.o (at least worse than mine!!) enjoy! (because you're lucky you've found this!!) Ahem, love kagerou project!! Here's the story from what I know. In the 'headphone actor' they say that the world's going to end, so Takane runs to a hill because someone (Ene?) in her headphones tells her so. Then the town explodes, Takane survives and they tell her that her live was all just a lie, the town was an experient that was not needed anymore. Yuukei yesterday in the manga, the Takane in school uniform feels that she's kind of responsible of the death of her classmate Haruka, because she wasn't paying attention when he had an attack. She dies too and is reborn as Ene, Haruka as Konoha. So in Ene's Cyber Journey, Takane as Ene is in the computer site or something, she thavels and blue compass is guiding her. She's bored of the long yourney and when the compass finally points at someone's (Shintaro's) computer, she'll jump in.

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