Thursday, 13 March 2014

► Hana ichi monme English lyrics 花いちもんめ

Hana ichi monme
ニナゴ (ninago), もちゅん (mochun)
Hatsune Miku  
kanji translated YupTanya

Under sakura trees
with buds
we broke a childish promise

Someday at this time
when my sisters were gone
I heard an adult's voice in the shadows

Those scarlet lips, hana ichi monme
We'll be kidnapped, right? I'd better say something
Living flower doesn't need mercy
Only my heart will leave

Why have cliff flowers
bloomed here?
Even now you're jealous

I've understood the meaning
when my sisters were gone
Next year will take a place of this year too

Swelled breasts, hana ichi monme
This day has come, there's no need to be lamenting
Adorned flower doesn't need kindness
Only heart is not touched

We want that kid
Which kid do you mean?
We want that kid
We don't understand

Goodbye, my hometown
Goodbye, my first love
Today it is
the last name

My value is one leaf of flower
I will be sold without knowing a love
Living flowers, bloomed flowers in the field
They can't move too

But my heart can't be sold

*What does Hana ichi monme means? It's a Japanese children game, two teams decide which person (from the other team) they want and solve it by rock-paper-scissors (janken). The team who has more persons wins. But literally it means something like leaf of flower, that's what I used in the last chorus.

// This is an awesome song! Luv it! Now, the lyrics... it sounds like children are playing a game and one of them will be kidnapped?
// I have no idea what "私も今年その年になった" means, I translated it as "Next year will take a place of this year too"

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