Monday, 31 March 2014

► Koko to soko こことそこ English translation FuzzP

Here and there 
Koko to soko
Hatsune Miku
by FuzzP
(translation YupTanya)


Put this thing there, put that thing here
When has it started?
I spit out stupid words with a gusto

Where are you now? I don't know
Where are you now? You disappeared

This thing is still here, that thing is still here
Stupid words can lead to some meaning
From now too

I'm reaching for the hand right there
A light has started to shine right here

I woke up from a dream and wanted to be connected to your hand

Wake up...
I just want to connect this and that place!

I've just found this masterpiece! It's from FuzzP again, a 9 min song! The chorus is genial, she sings "Yume kara sameta kimi to te o tsunagitai dake sa" all over again but it's always different, because it doesn't fit to the rhythm.


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