Monday, 31 March 2014

► Envelope groove エンベロープグルーヴ English lyrics

Envelope Groove
Hatsune Miku 初音ミク
by FuzzP 
translated by YupTanya

In the place where everything spins around
I have always been standing there
I don't care about the swinging
I'm always watching it

When the night comes to the neighbourhood
It'll be spinning unnecessarily
And when that time comes
I'll be eaten by the night

In this swinging undulate place
You're always looking in the mirror
That reflecting face is distorted
Seeing it makes you happy

When the morning comes to the neighbourhood
It'll be shaking unnecessarily
And when it happens
You will disappear, right?

 Ah 1 2 3 4

 Envelope groove...

 Ah, that rhythm of yours is somehow strange
 But still, somehow
 My legs are dancing

 Ah, it seems like my rhythm will disappear soon
 In this tatty town
 I'm softly walking like a tick

 Ah, our rhythms overlap into one
 Like nothing has stopped
 Far away with our hands connected

 Ran ran ran raran ran...

One of the super odd crazy favourite songs of mine :D! It has so few views ;w; But I have no idea why, I love FuzzP and his crazy songs! So take your time and listen to it too ^^ This translation is super ultra unique!

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