Monday, 3 March 2014

► A Little Ogre (english translation) あ・め・だ・ま GUMI whisper

A Little Ogre 
by Amedama あ・め・だ・ま
feat GUMI whisper(VOCALOID3)
translated by YupTanya

Have I become a little matured now?
Days that passed fall down
Am I worse than humans?
A cold person laugs

Until when? How much time
do I have to spend like this?

Joy, sadness, I overcame everything
I'm not strong, shall I do it now?

I feel despondent, please find me quickly
Take me out of here
I want to live in your world
I dreamt about my everyday being overflowed by lights
Why, I wonder?
My outlooks are still monochromatic

Love me, love me, love me, destroy me
Love me, love me, love me, destroy me
Destroy me, collapse, love me to death
Love me, love me, love only me

I know it's not possible, yes
It'd be bad if you don't do it properly? Am I right?
I'll tell you, I can only give up now
I want to run away, but that's just not right!

Let's start going forward without a fear
The first step is a good step
I will not cry today
Let's stop it, "It's all right!"

Find the me who had found a new way
Shall I get out of here?
To the world that's unknown to me
Breaking the shell of me and searching for a light
For the first time in my life I see
a life which is reflecting vividly

// Aww... so sad song, but actually with a good ending. A little ogre is hiding from the humans, because they just laugh at him/her. But then she decides she'll come out and she sees the live shining vividly~

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