Monday, 24 March 2014

► 純情ハービヴォー Pure love haabivou English lyrics

純情ハービヴォー (Pure love haabivou)*
Junjou haabivoo Junjō hābivu~ō
music: Becky, lyrics and PV: korumi
illustration るみあ voice tone アンメルツP
鏡音リン・鏡音レン Kagamine Rin Len
english translation by YupTanya

Inside me, a hot palpitation is lurking
Scrape it out, immediately!
It's bad, I feel awkward in this atmosphere
I'll turn away with a fuss

Aah so pitiable Enough! Sissy! 
We won't make it further at this rate

You know, those weak guys like you
should just go back to their nests; go and learn how to read the atmosphere!
Ah, I surely don't know how to be the leading one
You know, we're not playing roles; I just simply love you, so
I want to watch over you, treat you carefully

To tell the truth, I do understand
Something like sweet atmosphere is embarrassing, I want to escape
Are we really dating?
I want to cross the border of being friends

Haa.... What should I do?  Hmm.. I wonder now
Look at this chance, a kiss on a cheek

Hey, stop it so suddenly! Your behaviour
is not a character's and it looks like I'm not myself anymore
You know, if I really do this, you would
say what you just said now? Even I feel anxious!
I want to be hugged, I want to be loved

You know, idiots like you
should reach out the hand and gently squeeze it; Hey, will you hug me?
I don't understand it much, but I feel good
We're not characters, but I love you, so at this state
I want to watch over you, treat you carefully

"I love you, so at this state......"
Author's comment: "This is my first Rin+Len's duet, it was born under various circumstances.
It's a story of Tsunderin (Tsundere Rin) and Hetaren (Hetare = idiotic Len) in adolescence.
Please enjoy the quarel between those pure two (*´∇`*)"

*The title, I don't know how to translate it.
I haven't seen a translation here so I've made one :3 What a fluffy PV >w<!~ The song is awesome, they're so adorably innocent ;D

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