Tuesday, 4 March 2014

► Uuq ウンウンクアジウム Ununquadium by Camelia English translation

ウンウンクアジウム | Ununquadium (Uuq)
 初音ミク | Hatsune Miku
かめりあ | Camelia
バブルガムミミック!! | Bubblegum mimic!!
translated by YupTanya

A sailor Libe, my shipSuihei riibe boku no funeH He Li Be B C N O F Ne
Nanamagari is in the ship Clark?  Nanamagari Shippusu kuraaku ka?  Na Mg Si P S Cl Ar K Ca

I've suddenly remembered an unknown counting song

SCANCH Bac RomanSukanchi bakuromanSc Ti V Cr Mn
Add a lot of zinc to iron powder? Tetsuko ni doumo aenga?                Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Ga

I don't know much about the "Partial pressure" or "Concentration"

There are 110 and more of elements
And I've found you in them...

I can't properly call out the name yet
You're in the 114th element
I couldn't find you in 4 seconds
I want to look at you more and forever

Touching the Ruby of Sahara      Rubii no saraha ijiru to                     Rb Sr Y Zr
Tackling the rising angerNobirumouretsu takkuruga?Nb Mo Tc Ru

I don't understand what means 1 mol in chemistry, but still

Quickier than the astatine's disintegration
Don't wait for the half of your life, do it now!

I don't know your colour yet
Only one "Q-Cue" for 114 pieces
The island of stability you choosed
Will you write me now?

"The science of this world... gather it!"
// Another cool song from Camelia~ and the lyrics don't make sense as always It can help you learn the periodic table of the elements xD I've learnt BCNOFNe as boku no fune (my ship) haha~

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