Saturday, 1 March 2014

► Welcome to the ×××× (english lyrics) カプリコP feat KAITO

Welcome to the ××××
by カプリコP ( KapurikoP )
sings yandere KAITO
( translated by YupTanya )

"welcome to the ×××× !"

Has your voice lost its way?
My voice says, come here
Can't you find it? You don't want to?
I don't know, just come here, okay?

Always, aaalways alone
So will you stay here? We're alone
If I say that I am feeling lonely
would you look at me?

Welcome to the world of the two of us!
Because you're precious to me
"From the behind, from the front, I'm always watching you"
Like this you won't escape me, right?
You're sad? I'm right here
"Please notice it already!"

I had a dream about that day
That the place over the screen is unreachable
Do you remember? You don't want to?
Who was saying "I want to go"?

When I am with you
I won't let you go, we're alone
Things like "I am lonely"
Don't say them, just don't!

Welcome to the world of zeros and ones
If I'm precious to you
"Will you look at me forever and ever...?"
Like this, will you stay by me?
Want to come back? I don't know!
"Everything, everything.. It's too late"

What I want to hear is only one thing
We made a promise, right? Even when you left me...
You don't remember? You liar!

Welcome to the bird cage's world
Because you're precious to me
"I won't show you to anyone, anyone!"
Like this, you'll stay with me, won't you?
I'm cruel? You're wrong!
"Who's fault do you think it is, that I've become like this !?"

"welcome to the ×××× !"

Wow O.o yandere Kaito! A cool new song, I'm so happy to translate this, because I know almost every of the kanji and the words TwT/ enjoy~

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