Thursday, 24 April 2014

► Doushite chan no theme (english lyrics) どうしてちゃんのテーマ

Mr. Why's theme
Doushite chan no teema
Obscure questions
PinokioP ピノキオP
Hatsune Miku  初音ミク
translated by yuptanya


I don't understand this world well
I don't understand, give me a response
I don't understand this loneliness
I grabbed a razor

Why? Why?
Why? I cried
Why? Why?
Mr. Why's philosophy
Why? Why?
Some "Why" for you too
Why? Why? I worry

The world is full of doubts
People stumble unexpectedly
Tough people doubt too much
This tail rarely

Why? Why?
Why? I lamented
Why? Why?
Mr. Why in not learned
Why? Why?
Those are unwanted lines
Why? Why? I worried
Why? Mr. Why is worried

From the top of the building, from the back of the school
From the corner of the room, I can hear it
From the country road, from the internet
I can hear it from your brain
From cold country, from warm country
From the whole world, from the end of the universe
I hear it, I hear it

Why? Why?
I hear the "Why"
Why? Why?
Mr. Why's philosophy
Why? Why?
Why? Some for the future
Why? Why? I worry
Why? Mr. Why is worried

Worried... in this bloody mess, he's worried

DON'T watch the PV..... it's creepy... D; Damn, it was an innocent and nice song until I saw how Doushite-chan looks xD enjoy~

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