Sunday, 6 April 2014

► 宵待草 english lyrics, Yoimachigusa, Evening primrose

Evening primrose
宵待草 Yoimachigusa
藤あや子 Fuji Ayako

Gently touching the long black hair
The person who give us dreams at the night
Give up the impossible love
With tears, with tears, drink alone
I tried to keep woman's pride, but
Aah, looks like I'll collapse
A primrose that's wet from the rain

Looking for love, I came to visit you
Please embrace my fading heart
In the surface of the river, the moon is reflecting

In tears, in tears, I'm trembling
The memories I left in woman's heart
Aah, please don't go away
A primrose that hesistates at the night

Hiding the rraising desires in my heart
A flower of regret that believed in tomorrow
While drinking the exchanged liyuor (sake)
I want to, I want to shed tears
Woman's happiness warmed by the hand
Aah, I want it to bloom
The primrose that's waiting for the spring

Nice lyrics, wow. I think it's about a woman who's sad from an impossible love, she drinks and wish that the primrose blooms even if it's not spring.

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