Tuesday, 8 April 2014

► SINCERELY english translation, mondaiji-tachi, Kasukabe You

Compose: 石川烈 Ishikawa Retsu
Arrange: manzo Lyrics: RUCCA
Vocals: 春日部 耀 Kasukabe You
starring 中島愛 Nakajima Megumi
Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru sou desu yo
translated by YupTanya

From the beautiful sky, a letter fell down
What a curiosity, a guidepost to the future
Very! Merry! Happy! isn't it!?
Hey! I Will, I Wish! I Go!

I though that "meeting" and "leaving" repeats
The sky in my thoughts doesn't care about distances at all
That's why, I'm going travelling

One more time, like in the childhood
Everything in my eyes begun to shine, in this mysterious world
Every living thing I've met
Let's be friends, we can change the tomorrow

I want to know more about you
That I met you is surely a start of a miracle
Very! Merry! Happy! isn't it!?
Look! You Will, You Wish! You Go!

Alone, alone, if there are more friends
With my gift, I'll do something that will make you stronger
I'm grateful for it forever

One day, if I maybe
Befriend the gods
Maybe I'll be special too!? such as
I do and do not wish for it
In the end, I've realised it and thanked everyone

Let's laugh earnestly, like in the childhood
Everything in my eyes begun to shine, in this mysterious world
Every living thing I've met
Let's be friends, I want to tie it to my heart

// That's strange, at mojim.com there are lyrics like "结局" and google translator can't read it, it has to be "結局". And many other kanji (别れ ► 別れ) It's strange, because it's like a different font only and I don't see a problem here? >.> just wondering :D
// Here you are the fourth translation, hope it's ok and feel free to write more requests ^^


  1. This is the thousandth time I visit the page waiting for this...and finally is here!!. *-* Thank youuuuuuu!. Sincerily (lol), this are the lyrics I've been waiting the most. xD I could imagine what the other lyrics said but not this...haha. Maybe in another moment I'll ask you for some help. ;3 Anyway, not now...'cause I don't want to bother you anymore. xD I can see your To-Do List down here and is enormous. xD You sure have work to do, so, I don't want to keep making longer that list. xD Thank you again. :3 I hope...we can talk sometime. n.n This is the only form we have to communicate, but...you know. xD Take care. Thank you. Keep doing this fantastic works and I'll post you some comment when the dub is uploaded. :3

    1. Wahh I'm sorry that it took so long! ;D I could translate this first! x3 (btw it's sincerely, just saying x3) You're welcomeeee, yeah let me know then! x3
      Haha, my To-do list... it's actually just what I want in english, so it's not like I'm busy ;d xD I have to choose better name for the list maybe, I like getting requests so please write if you have some more songs D:!
      We can write mails, do you have an email :3? XD

    2. I do have...but I don't use it that much. xD Only for the university and all of that. xD But I can start using it more. >:3 I have more than one mail...I'll give you the one I use for my hobbies and all of that: saintseiyamaster@hotmail.com

      By the way, do you use any social network?. I mean...like...Facebook or similars?. xD


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