Friday, 4 April 2014

► Kiyohime no obi 清姫の帯 english lyrics

Pure princess' band
Kiyohime no obi
Yamamoto Sakoto

Suddenly, from the behind
Something has gently embraced me
When you break up, when you die
Puzzled earlobes, chewing human
If you look close... madness, deep red
People brush in the night sky, pure princess' band
Rather than killing the seething feelings
Run to the love love love
Ah, I'm pointing my finger

Forward is carnage and hell, but
If I drown in you and die
Don't be puzzled, in my chest
There's still a soul and body
If you get unsettled... snowstorm, night trees
There's the rude, disturbing, pure princess' band
Till the time you turn into ash and burn gloriously
Live live live and live
Ah, I'm pointing my finger

for wuhuahua089

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