Monday, 12 May 2014

► Beautiful life (english lyrics) 福山雅治

Beautiful life
 福山雅治 Fukuyama Masaharu
english translation by me -.-

With no idea how to forgive
I hated people

I don't mind if someone
will hate me like I do
Even if they're cheating so much...

Every time I'm with you, beauty
I feel like we shall start over
Only by forgiving you
It can be changed and I know it
Next to that heart

The smile everyone is looking at
And the face that nobody knows
In these two sides
In these living
You can find
the true happiness

Everything I can believe in
doesn't have to be innocent

But if I keep singing, I can get over it
The journey from now on won't be easy but
I know it already

Every time I'm with you, beauty
I want to be born again
Even if you're hurt, you choose
to believe, that's the heart beside me

I love when you're puzzled
I love that you keep searching
The given-up things and the not-given-up things
Maybe you get hurt somewhere between
I'm the same, It goes the same for me

Every time I'm with you, beauty
I think that the world is beautiful
Even if you're betrayed, you choose
to believe, that's the heart beside me

The way people want you to be
And the way you want to be
Between those differences
Between those contradictions
If people who don't want to lose
will be connected together
and laughing together

By your side

Here you are~ So many difficult words/phases I don't know xD The person has great vocabulary I suppose? My apologizes if I inadvertently changed some meanings ;-;

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