Thursday, 15 May 2014

► blessing (english lyrics) Futari wa pretty cure


青木久美子 高取ヒデアキ 籠島裕昌 うちやえ
ゆか&五條真由美 Yuka Uchiyae & Mayumi Gojo
Kumiko Aoki Hideaki Takatori  Hiroaki Kagoshima
ふたりはプリキュアSplashStar VocalアルバムⅠ
Futari wa PRETTY CURE Yes! Pretty Cure Smile♪ 
~Yes! プリキュアスマイル♪~ 

Flowers are blooming ♪ Life is opening ♪
On the land, in heart's garden
Even if I wander into a dark forest
Pansy from cherry tree will give me a courage
Feel the breath of the Earth
Today too, we are smiling energetically

Holy, fairy, I'm singing ♪
Glittering around you
Holy, fairy, with the aroma
Invisible wounds will be healed ☆ Blooming essence ☆

A bird is dancing ♪ Freely flying ♪
Under the sun, the sky's eye
Even if I get stuck in a narow valley
I'll try not paying attention to it and find the exit
I live and there's a lot of miracles
We're driving in the unpredictable future

Holy, glory, I'm dancing ♪
Happy and excited with you
Holy, glory, with the medicine tick
You can get over the inedible pain ☆ Egret spirit ☆

The real fantasy is maybeee
In the everyday life! really!?

Holy, fairy, I hope
For the sake of everything aroud me
Holy, glory, I pray
For my life friends to be shining

☆ Bloom essence ☆
☆ Egret spirit ☆

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