Thursday, 15 May 2014

► Beautiful World うちやえゆか english

Beautiful World
うちやえゆか  青木久美子  横田乃理子
Uchiyae Yuka, Aoki kumiko, Yokota Noriko
Futari wa pretty cure (precure)

Sunset embraces the sun, it falls down in the valley of buildings
The light slowly lightens up, in the house there is a life
If the night of too much troubles closes the door, you'll become lonely
But under the big roof, there's a person who loves you...

Around the moon there's a rainbow cloud, the world is so beautiful
Today you'll get over the tears
So you'll be shining one day~Good night

If you could, you'd protect that innocent sleepy look forever
But that's probably imposible since the world you know is huge
In dreams, the mighty soul flutters freely
Don't forget the fact that you're always free...

The fragrant olive is swaying in the wind, the world is so sweet
If you'll be healthy tomorrow
I'll be thankful just because of that~Good night

I like the words "kinmokusei" and "kaguwashii".... (??) It sounds cool.
Anyway, I just got 60% in big test in English. I thought I'm better..? lol. I guess I'll have to study more and more until I'm a robot. What I want to say is, the school is so unfair.. (under 45% it's a fail, WHY?)

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