Monday, 26 May 2014

► 藤あや子 - ふたり花 english lyrics

Our flower

Futari hana ふたり花
Fuji Ayako 藤あや子
Miura Yasuteru 三浦 康照
Mizumori Hideo 水森英夫

You were the reason it was born
I hide the sadness, I want to smile
This world's rain and wind is painful
You're wrapped in the sunshine of the love
Gently a twig on your chest
Keep it in your hand, our flower

When you get home tired
I want to comfront you from my heart
The warmth reflected from the eyes
The living now is a happiness
I dream that tomorrow I'll go search for the town 
where the flowers bloom, our flower

I'm always just spoiled by your love
I want you to scold me sometimes, too
And the tears, I just threw them away
Any troubles in the life we share
The flower of hope will always bloom
The flower of you and me

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