Monday, 26 May 2014

► コブクロ - リンゴの花 english lyrics

Apple flower
Ringo no hana リンゴの花 
Kobukuro  コブクロ
Kobuchi kentarō 小渕健太郎

Wet apple flower scatters, the bottom of the heart
In the deep and quiet darkness it's being wrapped
The day when you were still laughing
My finger had pushed the shutters
Hiding the dazzling smile
Without noticing the pain

You were by my side more than anyone else, the voice I couldn't hear
could be heard on my palms, in the photo from the spring

"See you", "It'll be now" and "I will always come"
Those promises stayed extended
Untimely going to the sea alone, with no memories, in order to 
see the scenery with you, I continue to detour in different town

The sounds of the waves are pulling my hand, in the wet sand 
there's a footprint, I'll be looking for the invisible you forever

There's my favourite apple flower on the edge of the surf
"It'll be now" - that promise was supposed not to be fulfilled
"I'll be with you forever" - The voice that I miss
could be heard on my palms, I want to meet you once more

Once more

Once more

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