Thursday, 26 June 2014

► 藤あや子 - 夕顔 english

Moonflower (Bottle gourd)
藤あや子 - 夕顔
Fuji ayako - Yuugao
艶歌色彩 詞:下地亜記子 曲:小野彩

Just how much I love you?
You'll know if you cut my heart
Somehow I don't need the tomorrow
I won't see that person anyway
Take off the belt, wipe out the rouge
Open the eyes in the dream
Long black hair are enough to catch your attention
More of you... more of you
Me, the blooming evening and the moonflower

Your love is making the heart feel hot 
from the finger to the backs
If the burning and falling is destined
I won't have any regrets, I won't cry
Flower dews are transient
Even after the birts it's been lacking
The tips of nails had changed their colour
More of you... more of you
Me, this night's moonflower

I want to give up this painful fleeting life
For you... for you
Me, moonflower in flames

(夕顔 literally means Evening face )

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