Saturday, 7 March 2015

Brains geist (english)

うたたP kradness ブレインズガイスト lily

Sleeping rat's brain  REGISTER  darkness  I run through the waterway
Sleeping horned owl's eyeball  CRUD  darkness  Leapt upon the prey

I'm counting the virtual craziness, how many living things will transfer?
I caught the prey, in the back of the claw are there dreaming countless souls?

The awaken SIGNAL, awaken whales are crashing CLOUDY memories
The awaken GEIST neuron DECODE reclaim the compressed memories

Encountering a virtual butterfly, how many AVATARS have I overcome?
I caught a mouse, a dream of a fox that crashed the horned owl, swallowed by a white whale

A builded STORAGE in the world
The things who discardered a shell weave a new world
Bound by chains, the meaning is WIRELESS allright
By breaking they want to bring back the REAL

I believed that participating in races had a meaning, though it was just an excuse
If it's a butterfly's dream, even 1 milisecond, I won't give up and Do My BEST

Geist = spirit/ghost. White whale -> Moby Dick. Just a rough translation because I love the song and I'm not sure someone will do that, heh. (I'm not sure what's the meaning of the song, as always x3) UtataP is so awesomeee >w<!! Kradness' cover too!

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