Friday, 10 June 2016

Oops (lol) comunity escape (lol) (english translation)ぶっさwコミュ抜けるわw

 Oops (lol) comunity escape (lol)
Bussa w komyu nukeru wa w
A new song from UtataP *o* !!! Zunko
(there are mistakes)

Nothing to do today again, let's switch places!
But there's no rice, people are not coming
Even when a cruise comes, people don't get off
Not sleeping, not making jokes, not talking

Visitors zero comments
Coca cola is always zero callory
After extending still zero activity
Actually, in real life, zero friends

After horror games still no comments
Singing things, still no offers
I even showed my face but no reaction
For chatting I have no topic

Welcoming no visitors
Welcoming regulars, no regulars
There haven't been reading software
A third year host ☆

A dream and another dream with no disconnection or tilt
Unleashing everything of my life until the end

 Oops (lol) comunity escape (lol)
Lo Ne Ly! Lo Ne Ly!
Lo Ne Ly! Lo Ne Ly!
Lo Ne Ly! Lo Ne Ly!
Oops (lol) comunity escape (lol)
Thanks for cheering! Thanks for cheering! 
Thanks for cheering!  Thanks for cheering! 
Thanks for cheering!  Thanks for cheering!
Oops (lol) comunity escape (lol)

Home security
Un Em Ploy Ed! Un Em Ploy Ed!
 Oops (lol) comunity escape (lol)

I'm new god
Messiah! Messiah!
Oops (lol) comunity escape (lol)

I'll try to fly, the drone of rumours
I don't hope in returning the loan
In dangerous places crashing dawn
Scared of flames, immediately dolon

Without notice, time for a mystery
I haven't been riding my kouban (?)
Farce, (?), bug burn
My turn haven't come before

I wanted to collaborate, they said NO
What's their problem I don't know
Desire, instinct, brain lol
What was my plan, I don't know

What should I do now? Everyone's gross (?)
Parents have already read the request
Do a part-time job? Do a work?
Anyway, I'll do a broadcast!

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