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► Daijoubu da, mondai nai. (It's all right, there's no problem.) 大丈夫だ、問題ない。

大丈夫だ、問題ない。 (It's all right, there's no problem.)
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Music/Lyrics: オワタP (OwataP)
Vocals: 巡音ルカ, GUMI (Luka, GUMI)

English lyrics by YupTanya:

It happened one day so suddenly, it was a very big power
We were in the nature, about to cry as it was hopeless

People in the city was swallowed, I was watching it in shock.
That scene was like in the movies, it didn't look real at all.

Everyone believed it was a lie, 'If this is a dream I want to wake up' they prayed.
No doubt it was real and that was making me feel weak even more.

The people in the city started to panic; the city completely turned off all functions.
Despite all of it, everyone joined their forces to overcome the situation.

The informations in the net were tangled; everyone easily believed it even if it was a rumour.
What are the right informations? Anyway everyone began running away.

'Isn't it a mistake?' I was thinking but they couldn't be stopped anymore.
Nobody believed each other anymore, everyone was confused.

But it's all right, there is no problem.
Be strong, strong.
You were alive till now so it's good.
Today and tomorrow you'll be alive too.

If you want to cry, now is the right time. If you want to laugh, laugh now!
Nobody will blame you for something, your emotions are free!
Because everyone is helping each other there's nothing to worry about.

Lot of people started to collect donations; companies were sending supporting goods.
We were protecting each other; for the first time everyone were becoming one.

'This is imprudence,' someone shouted and all the events were cancelled.
Something was feeling strange; excessive self-control was spread.

The TV leant to the majority. Everyone interpreted it too much.
A problem with buying goods had occured. Everyone became more and more worried.

Lot of people was pressed by the responsibility, everyone were hugging the distrust.
Every day
happened something strange, everyone became exhausted.
But it's all right, there is no problem.
Be strong, strong.
I've cried just now, but that's all right.
Keep going forward, forward.

No matter how worried you are, no matter how much you cried,
No matter how sad you are, no matter how many painful feelings you've had

Because tomorrow you'll be alive too, smiling and playing with everyone
Say those silly things too, so you can survive those silly days!

Eventually you can do it some day, eventually everyone will come back
It's an impossible dream, you say? Never give up your hopes!
You are alive at the moment and that is very nice, isn't it..

What day it was? Let's remember.
It was, surely, not today.
And don't forget the day too.
Remember it forever.

But everything is all right, there is no problem.
Let's be strong, strong.
I've stopped but that's good.
I can spend to your love.

Everyone started to worry, what can they do for me?
Because my head is not all right, only this thing can't be done

Even if a little, I want to support everyone's feelings

   Author's comments: Now too, I am doing my best towards everyone. What I want to say by this song is not 'Do your best' but 'It's all right'. Please don't misunderstand me, this is not a song with a story. The production took 9 hours.
   Mine (XD): Yaaay I've translated it! Well, I think this song does have a story. An earthquake, which is not so unusual in Japan, or something happened and in the end - 'my head is not all right' - she probably died. The song is telling you that when you think it's OK then it will be OK, at least I think (: The melody, lyrics and everything, so amazing work! OwataP! >w<
  Anyway this song was in the ranking and stuff so I don't understand why nobody translated it... Yet I did so enjoy! XD I'm quite satisfied with this translation of mine, but not sure about some parts, mainly the 剛く、毅く、生きていけるよ。 because I can't find the kanji and they're singing 'tsuyoku' which means 'strongly', maybe just the author is playing with words. Also I'm repeating words a lot but so does the original so please don't mind XD Please comment! Oh and yes, this blog is named after this song!

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