Wednesday, 18 December 2013

► Yume no manimani (At the mercy of a dream) 夢のまにまに

夢のまにまに (At the mercy of a dream)
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Music/Lyrics: ぽわぽわP (PowapowaP)
Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)

English lyrics by YupTanya:

Hey, he committed a crime for sure
The excuse of not being completed
It was decided and his mouth was blocked.
Yes, they curled the unspoken words.

If the things you say are false
From now on I'll be
packing tightly in stuffing,
searching for 'that'.

I'm having a dream that I can't ever wake up
I'm happy that I lost, hana ichi monme
You are  you are  you are...

In front of the sink, the breath I threw up
was inscribed in white coloured day.
By the time the morning comes, the you who cried
will be chasing a butterfly too.
I had a dream that I had a dream that you had a dream.

If the things you said were true
From now on you'll be
inside the empty dream
without an escape, supposed to capture 'that'.
For sure you'd be able to find 'that'.

For sure I've felt in unbearable love
I'm happy that I lost, hana ichi monme
Forever  forever  forever...


    Waaaa~! I've never seen this beautiful song translated so I've tried. I'm not sure even with the title though XD The 'Hana ichi monme' is japanese children's game [wiki], if you look at the original lyrics where they're happy that they won or sad that they lost, in this song she's happy that she lost. (whooa!) About the story: She thinking about her lover /maybe?/ whether he says truth or not, I think they are at court. (wow!) Also the Kimi ga iu koto ga - IT HURTS to the ears XD! or it's just me~

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