Sunday, 22 December 2013

► Riajuu bakuhatsu shiro! リア充爆発しろ! Romaji, English translation

リア充爆発しろ! (Riajuu, you should just explode!)
Album: EXIT TRANCE PRESENTS Vocalogenesis (ボカロジェネシス)
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Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: Touka Nayuta
Music: Kazu-K

English lyrics by YupTanya:

The usual train, the seat next to me
a couple doing erotic things since morning
On the summer beach, mixed men and women together
noisy and happy people

Hey    hey    There's someting I want to tell you
Hey    hey    Clean your ears and listen, OK?

Die, Riajuu   ☆   Die, Riajuu   ☆   just explode!
What a trivial life, huh?    Yeah, I choosed it myself!
Die, Riajuu   ☆   Die, Riajuu   ☆   just explode!
Everyone, everyone    you can't argue that it won't be good if they just blow away ♪


Itsumo no densha tonari no zaseki
Asa kara ichatsuku COUPLE (kappuru)
Natsu no hamabe de danjo kongou
Hashagi sawai deru hito tachi

Nee    nee    Kimi ni iitai koto ga aru nda
Nee    nee    Mimi o sumashite kiite ite ne?

Riajuu shine ☆ riajuu shine ☆ bakuhatsu shiro!
Betsu no jinshu sou deshou?     Sou ni kimatteru!
Riajuu shine ☆ riajuu shine ☆ bakuhatsu shiro!
Minna minna fukitonde shimaeba ii ♪

    Mwahahaha how I love this song! Riajuu = "Riajuu is internet slang for somebody who has a good life. It's typically used by otaku and such on message boards like 2chan to refer to people who have girl/boyfriends and are popular with their peers." Yeah, die happy people! XD Too bad this song is so short btw~

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