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► Yamada o nerau Satō no kage ni hisomu Suzuki o ayatsuru Tanaka ヤマダを狙うサトウの影に潜むスズキを操るタナカ English translation

(Tanaka manipulates Suzuki who's hiding in the shadow of Satou who's aiming Yamada)
Vocals: MAYU , 結月ゆかり(Yuzuki Yukari)
Album: Minna shiawase ni na~re!
Music: うたたP (UtataP)
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English lyrics by YupTanya:

This morning I was supposed to
take out the trash like always
Yamada who sits next to me had crossed my way
I was afraid that he's spying me
At the day of burning trash, in Yamada's hand were
empty cans, a lot of them!
After talking with Satou in the opposite
Yamada who sits next to me is declaring us a war!

Good evening, everyone,
it's me.
Today's game has been
sent together to the other side.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
So, today's game is,
Just how much are you paying attention? 
Yes, it's like that, right?
How far is Yamada 
going with the biting? 
He happened to like that side of flow, right?
I see. Oh,
what is this? Slapping a futon? 
This is.. tough, isn't it? 
The day is not coming, it's an early morning. 
That is tough.
It has been decided suddenly!
It's the end of peace.
They splitted the everything around here, the neighbourhood association.
Suzuki from the opposite lotus is president,
give him a non-aggression pact to sign.
The same neighbourhood affiliate late
The prohibition matter was indiscriminate bombing
Flowerbeds are not
pets' toilets!
If you think there will be a peace
Satou will whisper to Yamada's ear for some reason.
Satou has started
practicing piano.
The intervals are terrible though,
I'll throw up.
he's playing very elegantly.
He's funny himself,
It can't be helped, right.
I've just noticed the sound of walking
of the well-know president Suzuki.
As a president,
here with Yamada, they want Satou's attention...
.........they don't! Ignoring him!
Impressively ignoring him!
I knew it,
afterall, nobody wants to give a peek 
into dispute things.
That expression of allowance is irresponsible,
I'm disgusted. 
It's the end of peace.
Ah, it came out.
It came out today too!
Yamada's catapult!
It's a catapult!
Do you want to take a look now?
it's usual thing so
it won't be a waste. 
The form is wonderful again, isn't it. 
a wonderful
catapult (ping-pong dash)
it was. 

This morning I was supposed to
take out the trash like always
Yamada who sits next to me had crossed my way
I was afraid of territorial expansion
At the day of unburnable trash, in Yamada's hands,
he was holding a garbage, very nasty!
Behind Tanaka's back they were having a talk
The alliance of siege was being formed.

This is! Dangerous! Yamada,
This is a wide-area-destruction weapon.
This is awful,
I have splattered the seeded equivalent.
Ignoring the non-aggression pactwouldn't this be a an offence?
Because the president is using that tone, right.
No red card or something will come out, won't it.
I see.
It was a 
wide-area-destruction weapon (dog's free-range)
So now, finally the end,it seems like the president Suzuki,
behing Tanaka's back,
is bringing up something circular.
Awfully, the president Suzuki 
is grinning.
It's disguisting.
Throwing up, isn't it.
It seems like something is
being whispered to one's ear...
Ahhhh wait! Please look carefully.
What do you mean?
Ahhh...! This is... 
box of cakes, isn't it!
Very dirty.
Seems like very high box of cakes.
For sure you've said that to the point.
This was decided beautifully.
There wasn't anything like the aliance of siege
from the begining
It was really a beautiful goal.
Game over, right?
And soon the airtime too
will be reduced
Thank you for everything..
Thank you for everything.
See you again.

    Wowwowow, nobody has translated this yet, at least I think so! >o<! UtataP's songs are the best so I'm happy I can be the first! kanji source: [www]. OMG do you know how hard was translating the title??? XD Anyway I'm not big fan of this song because it doesn't have a refrain but I always love the commentaries with Yuzuki Yukari as voiceroid!~ It sounds like a human so much! But I'm not good with the formal grammar of Japanese so I'm not sure with "どこに注目されていますか?" and stuff... (FAIL!) It seems like this song is about a war between schoolmates but it seems it has a beautiful ending with the cake box as a present or something. Comment!

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