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► The reason I quit the guitar 僕がギターをやめた理由 Boku ga GITAA wo yameta riyuu (ENGLISH)

僕がギターをやめた理由 (The reason I quit the guitar)
Music/Lyrics: 破P
Vocal: 初音ミク(Hatsune Miku)
Listen: [www][www]

English lyrics by YupTanya:

I swallowed a vomited saliva and laughed
Trashy days are passing by

And when I realize tomorrow's gone too
I was left in the lurch

With stomach ache I can't talk well
I took breath, my eyes were blinded
I even don't make any jokes anymore
I think I want to die now

But still, I threw up those words
They weren't connected, I laughed
I don't know the meaning of living, but I took a breath

And plus it was like I could see through
You laughed at my humorous face
In the list of symbols, I'm looking for a meaning

The truth was a lie, like it was a lie, a lie.
Spelling without a reason like it was a last will

The rumour that the real intention is melting
I'll pour that medicine
Like a dream, let's dream now
I am sleeping

But still, tomorrow will be everything repeating again
I will be singing disconnected words
There's no meaning in breathing
Search for the meaning!

And yet, I'll pretend that I can't see anything
Pretending I'm troubled and then sleeping
As if this 'me' was humorous
you were laughing

- (破P's 16th song!) Author's comments: I've formed a band! 翁氏 on bass,  ナイーヴP on castanets (lol), 000氏 on ricoh (not 'ry' but a flute).
- ↑ (me: I see! The flute in the ending) This song is cool and needs more love! And, this is just me, but I think that the song is about a homeless person who sings and plays guitar to get money for food, so the 'quitting the guitar' means death to him. But that's just my theory, I don't really know how I got this idea :3
- Tags: Boku ga guitar wo yameta riyuu, The Reason Why I Quit Playing Guitar, The reason I stopped the guitar

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