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► rotceV ynitseD (Destiny vector) English lyrics UtataP

rotceV ynitseD (Destiny Vector)
Music: うたたP (UtataP)
Lyrics: 鳥居羊 (Torii hitsuji)
Vocal: 初音ミク(Hatsune Miku)
Album: みんな幸せにな~れ! (Minna shiawase ni na~re!)
Listen: [www] Remix: [www] Kanji: [www]

English lyrics by YupTanya:

I keep on falling down forever
Ever since the far far away end of time
And you gently found
my frozen heart


The destiny line goes from the future to the past
I want to go back there, to that fallen sky
The regression line goes from the past to the future
It leads me to the fallen sky


Two people want to meet themselves forever
So, dating back to distant past,
I kept on waiting for you
Soon, In the distant future we'll be entangled together

One second of miracle is crossing the sky
One second's trajectory is opening the Eden...


  1. I have been scouring the net for a translation of this song, thanks so much dude:) had another question too, if you dont mind.

    1. Thanks so much for comment ;D!<3 I'm glad you like it!
      I don't mind, go ahead and ask ^w^

    2. Well, you stated you are not Japanese or English, so I assume you learned japanese as a second language right? Well if you did, I was wondering how long did it take you to learn it, enough for you to start translating vocaloid songs. I am in the process of learning japanese so any advice would be helpful:D

    3. Well, I'm learning Japanese only by myself :D I started watching anime about 4 years ago (?) (I don't know xD) and then listening songs and reading their translations was helpful. I was learning the grammatical rules somewhere on the internet or in books.. I was happy from getting better but now I realized that I (maybeee) understand the structure of the sentences so I wanted to help and translate too, because there are a lot of not-very-known cool songs that need an understanding..xD And it's helping me getting better you know.. and a lot of thanks to my best friend Google translator too xD You're learning in school or on the internet :3? Yay maybe I can help you with something? do you have an email address~ ?

    4. Aww I see, guess I need some more books! I have listened to songs and understand some of the lyrics without using google translate:D. I have been using japanese apps, reading some books, and using the internet from time to time, just started like a month ago though. I'll explain later:D

      I do have some more songs I would love translated if you don't mind:) My email is lets just talk there :D

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