Monday, 13 January 2014

► Sweet Pain (English lyrics)


Sweet pain
Lyrics/Music: かませ虎 (Kamase Tora)
Vocal: リング・スズネ (Ring Suzune)
Album: Yakimochi tokidoki hare
Kanji source [www]

English lyrics by YupTanya:

Those sighs were with no sugar
Like Lucy wasn't up here
'Hey, just a little' he said
and poured the sugar.

What a selfish guy
I was annoyed just a bit
and embarrased from the mistake.

Sweet, sweet heart
Gently, gently dancing in the air
Like it was a dream
but with a tension.

Sweet, sweet feeling
even if I don't want to admit it
This is called love,
that's the only thing I know... 

    Whoops, it's not full. I can't find the rest of the kanji anywhere :3 But such a beautiful song, I didn't expected the lyrics so 'dirty' XD

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