Thursday, 6 March 2014

► すべては僕の中に、すべては心の中に Everything is inside me, everything is inside heart / english translation

Everything is inside me, everything is inside heart 
Subete wa boku no naka ni subete wa kokoronouchi ni
(あさやけのうた asayake no uta Morning glow's song)
translated by YupTanya

Above my head is spreading this morning's warm sky, maybe I'll escape the heat and moisture with a blanket
A big cloud is floating here, maybe it's the yawn I made a while ago

The moisture of the end of a season contains a snow, maybe it's like the melancholy of the sunday's evening you were watching anime
The airplanes flying in the clouds on monday, maybe they were too big hurdle

The rain in the evening maybe brings a forced smile if you want to cry

Everything is inside me, everything is inside heart
Nobody understands it, and when I think about it, I can't understand it too
Under this big sky I've happened to cover you
Nobody removes the suspicious net, that's what I think

I myself was scolded, after that I've become empty and lost everything
Look, Apollo will be flying again, you can make anything jump

Without beliefs, without doubts, all the floating things in my head can be real

Everything is inside you, everything is inside heart
When the beating inside my chest is repeating, the infinite possibilities continues
And the big sky is covered too
When it's decided that tomorrow's sky will be clear, I'll be only walking like it has happened already
When my world is complete I won't be the others, I'll only be myself

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