Saturday, 8 March 2014

► Yume no izumi ユメノイズミ Fountain of dreams (english lyrics)

Fountain of dreams
Yume no izumi 
Shion 詩音(sunny_spot)
Kagamine Rin 鏡音リン

A blue wind is flying to the other side of the sky
A girl was shaking ── because of the dream she had today

Swinging, swinging, a body is floating and coming to the front
That's, that's a strange guy
Lift me up! From the top of flowing stars, I found a crying face

This world is overflowing with pale drops of dreams
As if they can't run out and can't be exterminated

Today too, in my bed are the dreams I want to see
I observe the song of the stars falling from the fountain

I quickly and suddenly made Good morning and started to eat with a gulp
That's, that's a peaceful morning, but it develops quickly
A black shadow is covering the sky, the clear sky is in a storm

Boarding to a star's boat, higher than the sky
People had a wish for the soaring girl
But that wish was never worthy
So they hoped only and the dreams were twinkling

I suddenly woke up in a dark room
In the window was a sparkling dream and a gate

In the night sky flow fragments of pale stars
I picked them up suggestively
My small palms falled, that was a dream
One day there'll be a passport for me too

Good night! Look, dreams are falling from the fountain today too

// I can listen this song for hours! it's so soft and relaxing~

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