Friday, 21 March 2014

► OH MY JULIET! (english lyrics) Fujii Takashi

藤井隆 Fujii Takashi
english translation by me:

I'm looking for something "dramatic", you know? yeah yeah 
(That's hot, super cute!)
What's this palpitation? "Baby, I want you!"
(Come on, super sexy!)

Let's kiss under the mirror ball, stare at me like a kitten
You're so gorgeous! I've fallen for you
I'm crazy for you, my Juliet!
Please don't go back

No no baby
Why are you looking down?
With those eyes of yours
look only at me
I fell in love with you, be by my side
Oh Juliet
In this disloyal moonlight
look at the rebellious me
Answer me
that you're mine, ah ah

Why must we be seperated?
(Yeah, super bad!!)
Even though I know this is a fate!
(You know? I miss you so much)

Why I am me and you are you
Why did we born like this?
It's so unbearable
Such a despair, it can't be caught

No no baby
Don't be afraid
Let's fool yourself
I'll show it to you
With this shining poisoned bottle
Oh Juliet
Let's escape this darkness
I'll give you anything
Nobody can
separate us apart!

Yeah, call my name 
I can't hear you
You're faraway 
Call my name 
My baby girl, I wanna see you!!

No no baby
Why are you looking down?
With those eyes of yours
look only at me
Kiss me to wake me up
Oh Juliet
Why are you crying?
We're now gaining
our freedom
By this hand of mine as planned

Believe in love, call my name!
I may wake up, it's a dream
So darling call my name
This cold body of mine
Embrace it
Oh Juliet 
My Juliet

Love this song >< It's so warming. I don't care if there's a translation already (is there?). The bolted lines are in the original lyrics. I hope I haven't made any mistake in the english xD

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