Thursday, 27 March 2014

► Scapescoat (english lyrics) Hatsune Miku

鼻そうめんP, chu-ji, 初音ミクV3 Hatsune Miku V3
translated by YupTanya

I'm dancing on the stage without a name
Understanding the rhetorics of politeness

Someone over magic charms beautifully
Putting on a mask, so, let's laugh today too

against a mind
until a black out
plug you in the world

From the Orion, down here, I'm here
Disappearing from a program, not fading

Everyone has forgotten, I'll show them nature
We continued lying, our lie has

Become us
until the fade out
against a lie

Uwa ;w;.... It's like the kanji says something different than Miku sings ;w; (the furigana) For example she sings "Orion" but the kanji says "Screenplay", or "Program" is "Subject" XD But hope it's Ok :3 Amazing song! >3<

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