Tuesday, 8 April 2014

► Kaii mono no ke ongaku bako ENGLISH 怪異物ノ怪音楽箱

Mysterious music box
Kaii mono no ke ongaku bako
Kaii-mono no kai ongaku-bako
てにをは Teniwoha 初音ミク 

"I wrote this song while thinking about ghosts all the day." - author

I wanna a splashing char fish, lady
Excited, excited, willow tree
Children are bored too, on junket
Stroking cheek, handclap

When have he stopped holding the lady's hand? Fox foreigner, I'm scared
Ancient Raigou, blades of grass, pheasant hit
On night journey, oriental garden cricket
When I was embarrased, there was a moat
Hide and seek, illicit love, standing in my way
Etchuu Tateyama Nawashidebo
At any cost, I want to pass my love stagement
Just that, in a swing

Dressing a doll with the best clothes
Always cooling heels, tobacco pipe sounds mad
Children singing the tones together
Tilting the decanter, rappappa
Rumours' source, apprentice everywhere, look
Aa, surrounded by strangeness
Harminious evil spirits, pay!

I wanna (a trap), I was trembling
Lend me fire, imprison prohibitions, I want flying boots
However, ox, tiger, won't stop
That daughter garbles hyuudoro and exits

Absolutely seductive, like the evil's spirit
Previour life's merits, this world is lonely
Love affair's loneliness, unhealed spring
One night's yay yay yay dead man's portrait
Absolutely seductive, inverted trivet
Mysterious music, mysterious buddha
When the dawn comes, a separation

....giving uppppppppppppppppppp this for now @___@ it doesn't make sense, so many unknown and random words, it gives me wrinkles - YupTanya

*Raigou (来迎) is the coming of Amida Buddha to welcome the spirits of the dead
*Etchuu Tateyama Nawashidebo - no idea what it means ? xD

How come nobody has translated it yet? ... Oh I see, this is the DOESN'T-MAKE-SENSE lyrics X__x But the song is awesome. Love the part いぇい いぇい いぇい~ 

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