Tuesday, 8 April 2014

► Kiiro no Manjushage ENGLISH lyrics

Kiiro no Manjushage

黄色の曼珠沙華 touhou - another story
彼岸帰航 ~ Riverside, Shikieiki, Komachi
vocal ichigo, circle Azure&Sands 
translated by YupTanya

Kicking a stone in the street, I feel like skipping the work today too
Just a little is all right, isn't it?
You had found me on your way home and got a little angry
I tried to make some excuses

I wonder if you're a little envious
You're an ant, I'm a grasshopper

Winter's cold wind is tearing bodies
I'm going to chase after you later
When I'll catch your unreachable back, I'll pass it to you,
The yellow manjushage

In the roadside was a red manjushage
I got a little scared
I forgot I had to give you a call
The voice came out quietly

Why am I in such a hurry?
The quiet words had cracked

I don't want to hear any goodbyes from you
So I started running, here we go, I'll take you
If you're straying in this unreachable world, aim for the
Yellow manjushage

I will always look after you from now on
I will go to meet you at any costs

This big lie have modeled the sky
And I disappeared in the shadows
I couldn't find the unreachable light, but I will search
For the miraculous flower!

At the place where we made a promise is a yellow flower from hell
It's fully bloomed, now I'm looking for you
When I found the unreachable back, I grabbed your hand and gave it to you
The yellow manjushage

*Manjushage is a red flower (Red spider lily, Cluster belladonna)
Long long time ago, I remember I wanted the english translation so much ;-; (So I did it now.) I totally love this song, the sad melody, touhou, the PV, the lyrics.. enjoy ;w; <3 SO NICE SONG!

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