Wednesday, 30 April 2014

► Obscure Questions (english lyrics)

Obscure Questions

ピノキオP feat.初音ミク
PinokioP, PinocchioP, Hatsune Miku
translated by YupTanya


Hey, where do you think you came from?
Since when do you think you've been by this side?
Although your favourite music is supposed to be with you
Personal belongings is something that is not respected
I wonder why will I respect those thigs?
You nodded happily

Everytime you laugh at a tragedy
On second though, it may be the same too
I doubted too much the bugged thinking circuit

I sing an obscure song, the wimpy elegy
Strange antipathy and empathy, I wanted them to be random
So shall I now destroy dreams and hopes?
I somehow look forward to it

I wonder what am I doing right now
Why is this brawl getting stronger?
I'm sure I loved you, or not?

Erase someone's god
And the person that will be the god instead
Ends up with the same tired face

I sing an obscure song, the theory of ecxuses
Rough love and nature will be hatefuly mixed
And so, let's find correct answers where I made a mistake
Retrofit everything

Hey, where do you think you came from?
Why are you listening to this song?
When the magic solves everything, what will be left?

"Why are you listening to this song?" O.O ............ well, I wonder O.o lol

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