Wednesday, 23 April 2014

► Sha la la GUMI english lyrics

Sha la la
Gatera P がてらP feat GUMI
translated by yuptanya

I tried to make a cute and heavy atmosphere! -がてらP

By distorted sounds, I blocked myself from the surroundings
With my hands folded, I sighed
The approaching question has been left unsolved
Closing my eyes, I don't see anything...

I'm telling you I saw the mirror that reflects future
I combed my bed hair (what a  morning!)

But still, I'm singing Sha la la
The spirit of "More haste, less speed"
But still, I'm dancing and swinging
Because I can't do anything but that

I don't know, why am I rushing?
This place, look, excitement released
There's a strawberry! Temptation blasted off
Just joking (・∀・)

But still, I'm going to eat it up
Because of the blissful time!
So, sing Sha la la
Because you won't have a second chance today

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