Wednesday, 23 April 2014

► Synchro (english lyrics) Motohiro Hata

Synchro シンクロ
Motohiro Hata 秦基博

As you stopped, your shadow was swallowed by big cloud's shadow
When the positives are hidden, you look again and are not walking

My hand held out and I looked hesistant
I was also just standing still until your fingers stopped touching me

Our hands connected, as if we'll never lose the sight of each other
In the abandoned city, one thing is centain
With the warmth or our hands, we can keep walking

Those stepping feet's beginning is dropped in shower
Now, pushing the drops aside, to the scenery, I was in a rage

Hand in hand, we broke into a run in the rain
Accelerating, in this town, the things that can't be seen yet
We saw each other in our eyes

The beating of your chest and the buzz of my chest
They're echoing, both of them, trembling in the same way
In other words, it's like a Synchro

Hand in hand, we broke into a run in the rain
We're not afraid of the downpour's coldness anymore
Because we're overlapping each other, so let's go, together

There may be some mistakes in my translation xP

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