Friday, 11 April 2014

► Tsuki to watashi GUMI english lyrics 月と私

Moon and me
月と私 Tsuki to watashi
Eon, GUMI, 佐野しいな 
translated by YupTanya

As a child, I was watching the moon and thinking
That my wish will someday come true, I closed my eyes

As an adult now, I don't hope for anything anymore
But still, somewhere in my heart
I don't want to forget
I want to believe

Moonlight is illuminating me, making me stronger
As I'm reaching my hand for the light from old days

My knees hurt, I was scared because they left me
I will move forward, little by little
I'm not alone
You are here...

Humans are all doing the impossible, I thought they laugh
If the tomorrow comes, I will see the nice face

Wrapped in the light, it feels good
I shall look for the new me, I think so

The things I see don't have to be true
I'm becoming an adult, little by little
I'm not scared
Because I'm here...

In memories, everyone is glittering, isn't it?
So it's all right
I will be myself
Without a fear

A beautiful song for staring at the moon~!

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