Wednesday, 21 May 2014

► 藤あや子 - 薄幸花 english lyrics

Flower with a sad fate
Hakkouka 薄幸花  
藤あや子 石本美由起 浜圭介
Fuji Ayako Ishimoto miyuki Hama keisuke

Even the hometown you had abandoned
and left, is a dear thing
Divided the hopes of living
Even now you're far far away

Waiting for someone is painful
You shall notice that I'm waiting, it's painful
If waiting and awaiting is not wanted
I'll be just crying and crying alone

My life's happiness is thinner
than the nameless flower in the field
I bet that the journey of this world
there's no place, no place, for a heart to rest

*Google translates it as Star-crossed flower, I don't know what is means but hakkou is when you have misfortune, sad fate
*"No place" in the last line is 宿, it can be inn or hotel too
// こゝろ I like the style it's written in~

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