Wednesday, 21 May 2014

► LIFE GOES ON english lyrics


Kuroda Shinsuke 黒田俊介
Kobukuro コブクロ

One day you'll meet the things in my chest, in the emptiness
Old friends think, that day was sunshine
Come back to me, Come back to you

The cold evening wind blows through, when the lights lit
Traffic jam's high way, spitted sighs are melting in the night town

For whom do I sing?
For whom, for whom have I been singing this song?
Life goes on

The things from that day can't be brought back, they'll be pass away
Fear stumbling, forget dreams
A destination, will be lost

The night sky is all covered, even through the clouds
Stars were glittering and twinkling as I begun to feel
That something is wrong, that something is missing, now let's stop saying those things

Just for your sake
Just for your sake I'm singing, if you'll smile
"SING" goes on

Even if we're lost, even if we're lost, we can't be stopped
Even with scars, I started running

For whom do I sing?
I don't need a reason, it would be just edless monologue
Again and again, the night has just started

Just for your sake
Just for your sake I'm singing, this moment is just for you
"SING" goes on

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